Starlino is a delicious and complex range of Italian Aperitivos from Torino in Italy, the birthplace of Italian Aperitivos.

The story of their distillery is the inspiration for Hotel Starlino. From its dramatic staircase to its beautiful view of the Monviso mountain, it is a piece of Italian history.

Their Italian vermouth master Beppe Ronco, was inspired by the glory of this Italian landmark. to create a delicious and fresh take on the Italian Aperitivo.


Their range consists of three variants:

Rosé Aperitivo

A delicious, natural and complex aperitif made with natural fruits, herbs and spices, including Pink Grapefruit, Italian Strawberries, elderflower and coriander.

Arancione Aperitivo

This bittersweet and refreshing Aperitivo is made from Italian white wine Sicilian blood oranges and seven herbs and botanicals.

Rosso Vermouth

Made from a blend of 4 Italian wines and aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. a sweet, rich red vermouth infused with natural botanicals including vanilla, Rhubarb, Ginger and bitter orange peel.

Sizes: 75cl

ABV: 17%


A growing category resurfacing, Starlino brings this forgotten but wonderful category back to life as vermouths are showing signs of being the next big thing and we are very excited to add this to the Proof Drinks portfolio.

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