13th January 2017

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Brand Info

A combination of the best ingredients makes GOLDBERG an absolutely premium refreshment. The bitter sodas are not only great for refining first class spirits, but also perfect for enjoying on their own. GOLDBERG offers great quality and a unique taste experience that invigorates every facet of the senses.

Product Range

GOLDBERG is pure enjoyment, a taste treat that distinguishes itself from other sodas with its unique taste composition. The range consists of classic Soda water and Tonic water, Bone Dry Tonic with high bitterness and low sweetness, Bitter Lemon with an extra quinine measure for a spin on traditional Bitter Lemon mixers, Ginger Ale and a more flavoursome Intense Ginger and a new addition Japanese Yuzu Tonic.

  1. Sizes: 0,2L Glass Bottle, 0,15L Can

Why we chose GOLDBERG

The GOLDBERG range offers a great point of difference in that it offers both premium traditional tonics and unique, creative flavours inspired by bartenders. Therefore GOLDBERG is loved by the trade as they can experiment with new drinks for their customers.