Agwa De Bolivia


Product Info

Almost fluorescent light green. The ingredients that make up the base of the drink include Bolivian Coca Leaf, Chinese Green Tea, African Mint, Amazon Guarana, Argentinean Black Mountain Tea, Ginseng, Lavender and Cucumber.

Tasting Notes

Very complex nose with herby, minty notes with dry tobacco, bay leaf and a hint of eucalyptus. Sweet in the mouth with a long-lasting peppery sensation on the tongue and a dry finish.

  1. ABV: 30%
  2. Sizes: 70cl

Why we chose Agwa

The choice to include Agwa in our range was predominantly due to how unique it is as a product. As it is produced using 40 grams of Bolivian Coca Leaf it has a completely different affect to most spirits you will shot. It has a great flavour profile and works well as a unique base to some classic cocktails, so bartenders love it too.

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