El Bandarra


Brand Info

In Barcelona, the aperitif time is more than an experience. It’s culture. It’s a magic moment around noon, when we gather some friends, some drinks, some “tapas” and definitely some laughs. They don’t just drink it. They live it!

Product Range

Al Fresco is their our natural and refreshing aperitif, made to be mixed with tonic or cava. Rojo is the classic: the lifelong aperitif, a soft and moreish vermouth with the perfect fresh and bittersweet balance. Blanco is the sweetest Bandarra. Moreish, refreshing and unexpected: like spending money in your pocket. Rosé is the lightest vermouth which is fresh and delicious: it tastes just like a cheesecake.

  1. Sizes: 1 Litre, 50cl
  2. ABV: Al Fresco (14.5%), Rojo Vermouth (15%), Blanco Vermouth (15%), Rosé (15%)

Why we chose El Bandarra

El Bandarra is a true disruptor brand with high quality products which we believe can continue to capitalize on the growing Spritz trend.

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