Ron Legendario


Brand Info

First produced in a distillery in Havana, Cuba in 1946 and now in six other distilleries across the Caribbean island; Legendario boasts a collection of six rums that are carefully crafted by means of traditional methods, using secret formulas based upon a time-aged alcohol base and aged in American oak barrels.

Product Range

The 34% Legendario Elixir de Cuba is at the heart of the range, which is the richest, smoothest, sweetest and most delicate rum produced on the island of Cuba using barrel-aged raisins which contribute to the deeper colour. The Legendario collection also includes Ron Carta Blanca Superior, Añejo, Añejo Blanco, Ron Dorado and the 15 years aged Gran Reserva.

  1. Sizes: 70cl
  2. ABV: Legendario Elixir De Cuba (34%), Legendario Ron Añejo (40%), Carta Blanca Superior (40%), Añejo Blanco (40%), Ron Dorado (38%), Gran Reserva (40%)

Why we chose Ron Legendario

After a visit to Cuba we instantly fell in love with Ron Legendario and after 3 painstaking years we secured the UK rights. Ron Legendario is the only international Rum brand that is owned by a Cuban company, distilled and bottled in Cuba. The authenticity of the brand and the uniqueness of the Elixir de Cuba meant we had to have it as part of the Proof portfolio.

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