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At Ramsbury, they practice environmentally conscious farming. They use the perfect blend of tradition and innovation to produce spirits with the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact. They are farmers first, and we use our deep-rooted understanding that the more they care for the landscape around them, the more it will give us.

Product Range

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka:

A smooth and rich vodka crafted from the finest Winter wheat grown on the Ramsbury Estate. Each and every bottle can be traced back to the very field in which the wheat originated.

Ramsbury Single Estate Gin:

The base of their Single Estate Gin is their Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka, which is distilled from winter wheat grown in their own fields. They re-distil the spirit with fourteen botanicals, including classic juniper infused with the floral tones of fresh quince grown in the grounds of the distillery, the result is an exquisite London Dry Gin with a modern twist.

  1. Sizes: 700ML
  2. ABV: Gin (40%), Vodka (43%)

Why we chose Ramsbury

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits have a unique position versus its competitive set, as one of the very few Single Estate brands, which champion consumer trends.

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