Select Aperitivo


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Proudly Venetian since 1920. As aperitif popularity began to grow, Select became the star of the Venetian cocktail scene, and the main ingredient in the Original Venetian Spritz. Today, Select is still recognised as the classic Venetian Aperitif and enjoyed throughout Venice.

Product Range

Select provides a premium Spritz experience. Select is sophisticated but still approachable in its aromatic and bittersweet flavour. Paired with a large green olive and with its intense, bright ruby red, Select delivers a truly premium Aperitivo experience.

  1. Sizes: 700ML, 30,000ML, 50ML
  2. ABV: 17.5%

Why we chose Select Aperitivo

Select Spritz is the original Venetian Spritz, with its strong and authentic heritage, superior quality and sophisticated design providing the opportunity to premiumise the Spritz category. The Select perfect serve with the olive is iconic and delivers an elevated experience to the consumer.

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