26th October 2022

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We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Coole Swan to deliver sustainable growth of cream liqueurs

Coole Swan delivers a modern premium Irish cream liqueur that is lighter, fresher and much easier to mix in your favourite cocktails. On the 231st attempt, the recipe was perfected. Smooth, soft Irish whiskey, fresh cream and silky Belgian white chocolate combine to create Coole Swan.

Mary Sadlier, director and CEO of Coole Swan, said: “Proof Drinks is the perfect partner for Coole Swan. It has extraordinary experience working with premium brands.  We are looking forward to new opportunities that the partnership brings and are very excited about the future of Coole Swan.’’

John Vider, managing director of Proof Drinks, added:  “We are excited to build on Coole Swan’s current retail distribution as there is good opportunity to premiumise the cream liqueurs category with an authentic, quality product like Coole Swan.”

Coole Swan won a Gold medal in The Liqueur Masters 2021, and was likened to Mini Milk ice creams thanks to its “long mouthfeel and some creaminess”.

In May, Jorden Wint was crowned the winner of Coole Swan’s inaugural cocktail competition.

We are excited to see Coole Swan becoming more widely available in the UK in both the on- and off-trade