Interview with Marc Laventure – Founder of Canvino

28th October 2021

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The RTD market is enjoying exponential growth year on year. New figures from the WSTA’s latest Market Report found that consumers in the UK spent £412 million on RTDs in 2020. We wanted to discuss this current trend with Marc Laventure one of the co-founder’s off Canvino and why him and his team created a canned wine brand.

Why launch a canned wine and not a traditional bottled wine?

The three founders are from on-trade and festival backgrounds and it was clear to us that there was a big opportunity for canned sparkling wine within these channels. As well as a growing category within retail due to changes in shopper habits looking for more convenience packs, the benefits to the events and festival world are huge. Including increased speed of serve versus decanting from bottles, elimination of glass altogether, reduction of one-use plastic glasses, much more efficient storage in cellars / fridges, and a better customer experience as cans stay colder and fizzier for longer than plastic cups.

What region is Canvino from and why did you pick this region?

The vineyard we have partnered with are near Cremona in the Lombardy region, and we picked them more for their heritage than their location. They are family owned and have been producing for over 100 years, and as they purchase grapes from all over Italy they have a vast range of wines to choose from.

Where do you see the canned wine market in the next 5 years?

We see an opportunity much like the success of canned wine in the states, for independent and lifestyle brands to cut-through, appealing more to younger and newer audiences to the category. Part of the reason for this is the opportunity to lose some of the prejudices sometimes associated with wine that can be off-putting to newer wine drinkers, plus we feel that consumers are looking for different traits from convenience products as they are their traditional alternatives. We have also seen canned wine purchasing in the UK making up a very small percentage of consumer’s basket spend, and so we think that brands that can offer extensions that tap into other products within those drinkers repertoires, is a good opportunity. Something we are looking into.

What is the difference between Canvino and other canned wines on the market?

First and foremost we feel our branding stands-out to both customers and consumers alike, which is the initial opportunity to grab their attention. As well as the heritage and provenance of our vineyard partners as mentioned before, we also do not add any artificial CO2 during filling. This is something we were keen to avoid so that we could offer a product which was as close as possible to the bottle equivalent and therefore just as the winemakers intended, carbonated purely through fermentation.

For any more information about Canvino or if you are a venue and need help creating your drinks menu please contact us here and we will be in touch.