Amaro Montenegro

20th June 2023

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BrandĀ Info

An iconic liqueur since 1885. Crafted from a secret blend of 40 botanicals, the Montenegro recipe still remains unchanged to this day. Made in Bologna in 1885 by the young rebel genius Stanislao Cobianchi, Amaro Montenegro was an instant success. Years later, the glamorous Princess Elena of Montenegro married Prince Victor Emmanuel III, Stanislao decided to dedicate his elixir to her royal highness, future Queen of Italy.

Product Range

The recipe for Amaro Montenegro includes more than 40 botanicals, divided into three categories: citrus, bitter-sweet and herbaceous. They are extracted and mixed to make the elixir unique and inimitable. With its low ABV and bitter-sweet flavour profile, it goes well in any cocktail or can be enjoyed simply on its own.

  1. Sizes: 700ML, 30,000ML, 50ML
  2. ABV: 23%

Why we chose Amaro Montenegro

Consumers are looking for an Italian premium experience which Amaro Montenegro delivers with its low ABV and brand heritage.