25th February 2020

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This Heaven Hill Distillery original is named for the famed Bernheim Distillery in Louisville. 7-Year-Old Wheat whiskey, Bernheim Original is the first new style of American Whiskey to be introduced since Prohibition. Aged for 7 years in our traditional open rickhouses, Bernheim’s mellow taste is refreshingly smooth when served straight or in cocktails.

A winner of the Gold ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ from Whisky Magazine with a score of 17.75 out of 20 from Dave Broom & Michael Jackson


Bernheim is the first new style of American straight wheat whiskey to be introduced since prohibition and it is the first straight whiskey to use winter wheat as its primary grain, creating a soft, sweet flavour and medium finish.

As a small batch, it is made with a selection of 100 barrels or less. Aged for 7 years at 90 Proof.

Sizes: 70CL

ABV: 45%


This is a one of kind American Wheat Whiskey and as it is produced by the Heaven Hill Distillery we know it is the best of its kind. Already a winner of multiple awards, this whiskey will continue to grow in popularity.