Burnt Faith

22nd June 2023

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BrandĀ Info

Brandy without boundaries. They don’t think the best is behind us, they reckon it’s yet to come. That’s why they don’t limit their vision and that’s why they make their brandy without boundaries.

Product Range

Burnt Faith Brandy Batch 001 is made using 4 unique grape varietals Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Blanc which is aged in 4 unique wooden casks; ex-bourbon cask, ex-Pineau des Charentes, ex-Cognac and ex-cherry liqueur.

  1. Sizes: 700ML
  2. ABV: 40%

Why we chose Burnt Faith

Burnt Faith are true innovators, changing the way we understand the brandy category. They have opened the UK’s first dedicated brandy house in London where they distill and age on site. This allows visitors to gain an understanding of the ground breaking work they are doing in this category.