Dangerous Don

26th January 2017

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Brand Info

Mezcal is the godfather of agave spirits and its complexity and variation is something truly amazing. The artisanal process and craftsmanship of the producers combined with the harvesting and distilling of living plants makes mezcal a totally unique spirit.

Tasting Notes

Café mezcal has a smoky, chocolate nose. A smooth and rich palate and finally a warm and intensely coffee flavoured finish. A total sensory overload!

  1. ABV; 48%
  2. Sizes; 70cl

Why we chose Dangerous Don

The agave category has become more and more popular over the last few years which has allowed for relatively unknown spirits like Mezcal to appear on bars across the UK. The reason that we chose Dangerous Don over other Mezcal’s was because of the uniqueness of the flavour, it is unlike any other Mezcal currently in the UK. The way in which it is made, using only traditional methods, was the icing on the cake and meant we had to have it in our portfolio.