Evan Williams

4th December 2019

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Our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is full of character and simply done right. Named after Evan Williams, who opened Kentucky’s First Distillery along the banks of the Ohio River in 1783, it’s aged far longer than required by law. The result is a Bourbon that’s smooth, rich, and easy to enjoy.


Evan Williams”Black Label” is a straight bourbon that is aged longer and stronger for a smoother, oaky taste profile and also stands up in cocktails. Evan Williams ‘White Label’ is the number one selling Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon in world. The extensive range also has an Evan Williams “1783” bourbon that is produced in more limited quantities, and a nine-year-old single barrel bourbon sold in vintage-dated bottles sealed with black wax.

Evan Williams also has a liqueur range which features five flavours that appeal to existing and new consumers – Honey, Apple, Peach, Cherry and Fire.


The Evan Williams portfolio boasts countless awards including ‘Best Buy Whiskey of the Year,’ ‘Best of Class’ and 5 times ‘Whiskey of the Year.’ This is truly Bourbon done right.