7th May 2019

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Brand Info

Experience the magical spirit of Freya, norse goddess of love and life. Upholding ancient traditions from the far north of the world, this spirit is distilled from the sap of the birch, harvested just once a year in early spring. Pure, wild and untamed. Finally, a spirit to match your own.

Product Range

Freya Birch Spirit has a lightly fruity aroma akin to fresh peaches. Take a sip and you’ll pick up hints of natural green flavours, reminiscent of a premium tequila and the woody notes of a young whisky, together with a background of subtle vanilla and ending with lingering rye.

Freya Woodsmoke has a delicate smoky aroma and a light fresh initial taste which leads to a full and rounded smoky campfire flavour with apple, birch and chestnut wood notes which linger long on the palate. A unique smoky flavour distinct from malt whisky and smoky mezcals – a real taste of wild forest campfires.

  1. Sizes: 70 cl
  2. ABV: Freya Birch (40% ABV), Freya Woodsmoke (40% ABV)

Why we chose Freya

It is extremely rare to find a truly unique spirit like Freya. Full of flavour and complemented with beautiful branding it has already attracted some of the best cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels in the UK.