1st October 2020

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Pimento is the brainchild of Eric Dalsace, a Parisian who had decided to give up alcohol and who was looking for something to replace the burn and intensity of a strong drink. Many months of experimenting with all sorts of roots, flavours, spices, cordials, fruits, juices and chilli pepper led to a perfect combination and Pimento was born!


It is made like a ginger ale with fizz being added to a complex flavour base, but it tastes like a spicy ginger beer. The flavour sensation is very balanced – first you get the smell and taste of deliciously fruity and earthy ginger and then, a few seconds later, comes a surprising rush of warm chilli pepper.

Pimento is hot, but deliberately not too hot! It is perfect for people who don’t drink alcohol and who are disappointed in the bland or overly sweet soft drinks that have been available on the market to date.


Pimento is a real ginger beer with a true fiery kick to the taste. A great addition to our growing and innovative low & no alcohol range.