Four Pillars Gin

16th March 2022

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Four Pillars Gin is a modern Australian Gin. The team wanted to create gin that represented contemporary Australian, classic, approachable, spiced to perfection and lifted with great citrus. Each flavour is distilled  together in a German made copper pot still called Wilma.


Rare Dry Gin is the original gin.  A classically smooth gin that combines Asian botanicals with great Mediterranean citrus. It’s spicy but with great citrus from the whole fresh oranges and native lemon myrtle, a truly modern Australian gin. Four Pillars Shiraz, is a combination Rare Dry Gin botanicals with Shiraz from the Yarra valley.  Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin was the first ever gin created to go into a Negroni cocktail, the exotic spices in Spiced Negroni Gin give it a punch to stand up to the strong flavours in a Negroni. Olive Leaf Gin is a savoury gin. Three types of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea from the world-class groves of Victoria’s Cobram Estate. Botanicals like rosemary and bay leaf transport you to the Mediterranean. Navy Strength Gin is an intense but smooth gin, this overproof gin is distilled with native finger limes and fresh ginger in the botanical basket, giving it great power and intensity. An Asian-inspired gin with native botanicals, Modern Australian Gin is bright and dry – a modern classic gin. Red and green Szechuan give it a lovely warm mouthfeel, while the macadamia nuts add softness and an almost creamy palate.

  1. Sizes: 70cl
  2. ABV: Shiraz (37.8%), Rare Dry Gin (41.8%), Spiced Negroni (41.8%), Olive Leaf (43.8%), Navy Strength Gin (58.8%) and Modern Australian Gin (41.8%).


As well as winning some of the most prestigious awards out there in their relatively short history, they have shown themselves as true innovators within the category with their use of fresh, native Australian ingredients creating some of the most unique and exciting gins out there.