Hop & Hemp

21st June 2022

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Take the edge off and stay in control. Hop & Hemp are old friends. In fact, they’re family. Perhaps thats why they go so well together. You can now enjoy them combined in this low-alcohol, low calorie craft brew with a twist of organic, hemp-derived CBD. Hop & Hemp is vegan and great for athletes, CBD is increasing been used as a post workout recovery aid.


Easy IPA: A full on IPA with a big hoppy hit. Tropical aromas of grapefruit and pineapple are backed up by malty flavours and a gentle bitterness.

Lowdown Lager: This crisp, golden Pilsner style lager hits the palate with a gentle, spicy hoppiness and follows with notes of citrus and a lingering sweetness.

Sizes: 330ml

ABV:0.5% CBD: 8mg, 0.0% THC


The CBD market in the UK in 2021 was valued at £690 million as consumers look for alternatives to alcohol to unwind. Hop and Hemp combines the advantages of being alcohol free whilst also offering a functional element through relaxing CBD.