Vin Mariani

21st February 2017

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Product Info

One of the most popular poisons of choice during the partying years between 1870 – 1914 was a fashionable drink called Vin Mariani—red wine with a sprinkling of coca leaf. It was invented in the 1860s, and soon anyone who was anyone in the late 19th century was doing it: Alexandre Dumas, Ulysses S. Grant, Queen Victoria, multiple Popes. Eventually the good times had to end, once governments discovered that cocaine dependence was not healthy, most of these substances were made illegal.

Tasting Notes

Rich dark ruby red in colour, with deep lush honeyed fruit flavours, racy acidity and an earthy aroma that has an elegant, powerful and smooth finish.

  1. ABV: 22%
  2. Sizes: 50cl

Why we chose Vin Mariani

We have proven the popularity of coca leaf based liqueurs in the UK with Agwa De Bolivia and now that Babco Europe have managed to restore the original (de-cocainised) recipe, which was thought lost to the ages, we think it has great potential in the trade. Steeped in history, Vin Mariani has a wonderful back story which spans more than 150 years and therefore is a great addition to the Proof portfolio.