Proof Drinks Secures a Spot in Amazon’s First Global Alcohol-Free Physical Activation

12th February 2020

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It seems like every day there is a new headline supporting the consumer preference shift towards low and no alcohol products. Consumers are drinking less; in fact, according to Mintel’s 2019 British Lifestyles Report: “20% of UK adults do not drink. Of those that do drink 47% have cut down on their consumption.”

These findings are confirmed when you look at best-selling product categories on Amazon. Seedlip, for example, holds two of the top ten positions in the liqueurs category, one of the best ROS alcohol categories. Moreover, only Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger sell more bottles than Seedlip Grove 42!

Due to Seedlip’s success and Heineken’s large marketing budget, the conversations around the non-alc category have largely revolved around spirits and beer. However, there has been considerable consumer interest in the non-alcoholic wine space, too…

Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine, a Prosecco alternative, actually held the best- selling spot in the Prosecco Category on Amazon for 6 weeks over the December and January period.

Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine remains the no.1 selling product in the Prosecco category.

Following this success, Proof Drinks were able to secure Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine in Amazon’s Treasure Truck activity. The Treasure Truck is a service offered to users of the app, which offers users a discounted daily deal. The service consists of a fleet of 34 vehicles in 32 major cities located in the United States and United Kingdom.

This marks Amazon’s first ever alcohol-free physical activation.

Amazon noted: “It was great to activate a product that is on trend for Jan. It’s important we’re topical and listening to customer demand and changes of habits.”

There is a bright future ahead for the low and no category with new innovations being added every day. Check out Lyre’s, the world’s most comprehensive range of non-alcoholic spirits.