After Over 400 Years, Agave’s Best Kept Secret is Launching in the UK

London, UK – (MONDAY 22ND AUGUST) National wholesaler and specialist retailer Amathus Drinks have teamed up with distributor Proof Drinks as official partner for the launch of the Agave spirit Raicilla.  Raicilla producers R&J Estancia Distillery selected Proof Drinks to exclusively import Estancia Raicilla into Europe and Australia, launching it into the UK in partnership with Agave specialists Amathus Drinks who will handle all UK distribution through their wholesale and retail departments nationwide.

 Known by some as the Mexican native gin, Raicilla is one of Mexico’s oldest artisan spirits.  Raicilla is obtained from the distillation of musts derived from grinding mature hearts of Agave Maximiliana which are given 10 to 15 years to ripen in the high altitude regions of the Sierra Madre Occidental.  In the cool climate of the mountainous region the Agave matures to form the Raicilla’s unique floral characteristics.

The resulting aromatic Raicilla has a light nose with notes of citrus and roasted fruits and an irresistibly crisp and balanced palate with a medium sweetness and smooth mouth-feel.

Like a combination of Gin, Mezcal and Tequila, this Raicilla is one of the most refined Agave spirits you’ll come across with very few spirits in the world as versatile.  The nobility of its origin is manifested in many ways and can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and even as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts in Mexican cuisine. In fact, sipped alone, accompanied or mixed, its mild flavour and aroma satisfies the most demanding palate.

An increased global consumption of Agave spirits has been seen as a result of high quality Tequilas and Mezcals becoming available, thus paving the way and creating a consumer desire for a new category of Agave spirits whichRaicilla is set to capitalise on.

 “Amathus has been at the forefront of many new trends in the UK market; Artisanal Cachaça from Brazil, Pisco from Peru, and Mezcal to name a few.  Raicilla is made in Jalisco from Agave Maximiliana, also known as Lechuguilla.  Estancia Raicilla is a welcome addition to our portfolio and a great introduction to the world that is Raicilla.  Exciting times!” Jon Anders Borchgrevink Fjeldsrud, Agave Ambassador, Amathus Drinks.

 To celebrate the partnership and introduce this new spirit to the UK, Amathus’ Soho store will be holding a tasting and masterclass led by Rio Chenery of the R&J distillery on Friday 2nd September, followed by a launch party at El Camion on Brewer Street, Soho on Monday 5th September.


For more information on the brand, sales, distribution and marketing, contact: 

Press/Marketing: Suneetha Adivihalli,

UK Sales and Distribution: Jon ,

European Enquiries: Paul Ferguson,

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Pistonhead Lands In Sainsbury’s

This month our favourite lager, Pistonhead has grown its off-trade distribution by landing a shelf space within Sainsbury’s superstores.

Already listed in Morrisons and Tesco, the Pistonhead Posse will now be able to pick up a few cans of their favourite beer in even more locations! Pistonhead Kustom Lager and Full Amber is available in Sainsbury’s superstores across the UK now.

Pistonhead Kustom Lager:
PRODUCT INFO: There is nothing fuzzy about Pistonhead Kustom Lager. Water, barley malt and loaded with hops to give it just the right finish.

Colour: Straw golden.
Nose: Malty with a hint of dark loaf.
Taste: Full bodied malt flavour with a balanced and distinct bitterness . Malt: Pilsner and Mu ̈nchener.
Hops: Spalter Select, Magnum and Perle.

ABV: 4.6%
Sizes: 33cl can, draught.

Pistonhead Full Amber Lager:
PRODUCT INFO: The grapefruit aromas and caramel malt backbone are perfectly matched with a distinct bitterness from German Magnum and Perle hops. Pour with a thick, white head to enjoy the full palate of flavour.
Colour: Amber.
Nose: Powerful yet fresh hop aroma with well-defined notes of grapefruit and citrus.
Taste: A characterising hops profile – derived from the American hop varieties Cascade, Citra and Centennial – rest on a solid and well – balanced malt body.
Malt: Pilsner, dark caramel, Crystal and Melanoidin.
Hops: Magnum, Perle, Cascade, Citra and Centennial. Fermentation and maturing: The bottom fermented Pistonhead Full Amber Lager is dry-hopped after seven days of primary fermentation, thereby releasing large amounts of essential oils necessary for its aromatic character.

ABV: 6%
Sizes: 33cl can.


Rivfest 2016 Launches in Warrington

This Saturday the town of Warrington will be celebrating the lives of Viola Beach guitarist River Reeves and the rest of the band at Rivfest 2016.

Put together in a mere 3 weeks and with the help of many of Warrington’s best up and coming artists, the River Reeves Foundation, Blacka Group and The Viola Beach and Craig Tarry Memorial Fund, Rivfest is a festival honouring the band and spreading the message that they lived by; ‘dare to dream’.

This exciting new festival will include not only fantastic music from the best of Warrington’s young music scene but also food and drinks, an outdoor cinema and family friendly activities.

Tickets for the event can be purchased from local Warrington music store, Dawsons, or bought online at  or the Rivfest 2016’s Eventbrite page.

Proceeds will go to The River Reeves Foundation and The Viola Beach and Craig Tarry Memorial Fund.

Agwa De Bolivia is supporting The Viola Beach and Craig Tarry Fund with the profits from sales of the Viola Beach Tea being donated to the fund as well as all profits from online sales of AGWA this Summer.

Rivfest poster