Dangerous Don Added To The Proof Portfolio

14th March 2017

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Dangerous Don is a true celebration of Mexico and the magical world of mezcal and mixes two of Mexico’s most beloved treasures – coffee and mezcal. The spirit is a loving testament to the craftsmanship and passion of its producer Celso Martinez and family. This product is totally unique and currently you won’t find any other coffee mezcal in the market, anywhere making this a really exciting new venture.

Mezcal is considered the godfather of agave spirits and the complexity and variation in flavour is something truly amazing. The artisanal process and skill of the producers combined with the fact that you are drinking a living plant makes mezcal extraordinary. Dangerous Don is produced in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca which is considered ‘the home of mezcal’. Combining coffee with mezcal is a mind-blowing combination – it has a chocolate smell and a rich and intensely smooth coffee flavour, whist not losing the sweet, smokey aromas characteristically of mezcal.

The launch party which was held at The Bateman Street Gallery, Soho on the 2nd and  of March (public on the 3rd 4th March) allowed us to showcase work from some of the most exciting up and coming artists and photographers from Oaxaca. All of the sales of the art work were given straight back to the artists. We also wanted to extend a special thank you to Adam Pendrich of Big Sur, Berlin (formerly of Pitt Cue) for creating the cocktail menu and serving the amazing cocktails on the night. 

The popularity of Mexican food and drink is growing in London, with new restaurants popping up regularly, and the rise in following shows no sign of slowing down. Savvy drinkers are becoming increasingly interested in the origins of their favourite tipples and Dangerous Don certainly tells a good story. It is very exciting to see a new and innovative product on the market which is a true appreciation of Mexico.

The art of distilling fine alcohol is in the very blood of Dangerous Don and each bottle embodies the enchanting traditions of mezcal – long live the spirit, the culture, the art and the passion for distilling fine mezcal! Dangerous Don welcomes you to a place where the nights are king, laughter is loud and the mezcaleros are legends. – Dangerous Don