16th December 2016

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Brand Info

Pistonhead has been crafted by specialist brewmasters at the awesome ‘Brutal Brewing’ workshop in Sweden since 2011. The folks that create Pistonhead are serious about brewing, but not serious about much else. The simple mission is to create great brews and have fun! Pistonhead supports creativity, individuality, Rock ‘n’ Roll attitudes and great times!

Product Range

At the heart of the Pistonhead range is Kustom Lager, loaded with barley malt and hops to give the full bodied malt flavour and balanced with a distinct bitterness making it the perfect session lager. Full Amber packs more of a punch with a characterising hop profile derived from the American hop varieties of Cascade, Citra and Centennial. Flat Tire offers a bitter, citrusy tasting dry hopped lager made from Centennial and Mosaic and now we also have non-alcoholic version.

  1. Size: All cans available 24 x 330ml cans / Kustom Lager also available on draught (30 litre steel kegs)
  2. ABV: Kustom Lager (4.6%), Full Amber (6%), Flat Tire (4.5%)

Why we chose Pistonhead

We predicted the rise of the craft beer category in 2012 and at that time no other craft beer offered a 330ml can which we knew would be perfect for bars and restaurants. Being a craft lager also offered a point of difference and our tireless efforts in the trade has now meant that we are stocked in all major retailers and supermarkets.