Proof Drinks rebrand & add 3 new products to their portfolio

10th February 2017

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Christmas and New Year is a busy time for everyone in the trade and that couldn’t be more true for us as we have stepped into 2017 with not only a rebrand but 3 very unique and very different products in our portfolio.

2016 was another important year for the company with Pistonhead Lager going into most major supermarkets, premium Rum & Gin brand Dictador being added to the portfolio, the addition of 8 new members of staff and the opening of the world’s first Prosecco bar at Cribbs Causeway. With all this going on it was time to refresh the brand to reflect all our latest activity.

The rebrand has given the core theme of prohibition a modern and contemporary feel so that it reflects both the tradition of the industry but also the progress that we have made over the last six years. The rebrand has included a newly developed and better functioning website, created by award winning developers Supremo, which you probably will have noticed by now.

Dangerous Don

The agave category has become more and more popular over the last few years which has allowed for relatively unknown spirits like Mezcal to appear on bars across the UK. Mezcal has always fascinated us as the artisanal process and craftsmanship of the producers combined with the harvesting and distilling of living plants makes mezcal a totally unique spirit and Dangerous Don takes that one step further.

Dangerous Don combines two of Mexico’s most beloved spirits, agave and coffee – it has a chocolate smell and a rich and intensely smooth coffee flavour, whist not losing the sweet, smokey aromas characteristically of mezcal. A completely unique product to a relatively unknown category in the UK

Vin Mariani

One of the most popular poisons of choice during the opium fuelled, partying years between 1870 – 1914 was a fashionable drink called Vin Mariani—red wine with a sprinkling of coca leaf. It was invented in the 1860s, and soon anyone who was anyone in the late 19th century was doing it: Alexandre Dumas, Ulysses S. Grant, Queen Victoria, multiple Popes. Eventually the good times had to end, once governments discovered that cocaine dependence was not healthy, most of these substances were made illegal.

However, we have partnered with Babco Europe to bring a refreshed recipe to the UK with fortified Bordeaux wine with Peruvian coca leaf under the Vin Mariani name. Rich dark ruby red in colour, with deep lush honeyed fruit flavours, racy acidity and an earthy aroma that has an elegant, powerful and smooth finish.

Three Sixty Vodka

Three Sixty Vodka is the number 2 Vodka in Germany, in terms of value, and signifies an ultimate purity without compromise. Made from 100% wheat, the sophisticated 4-fold distillation process ensures an exceptionally mild flavour and smooth finish at 37.5% ABV. The exclusive diamond filtration procedure removes the smallest particles from the distillate.

Three Sixty Vodka stands for an elegant exclusivity. Its top-class design underlines its uniqueness with the distinctive glass bottle means it shines like a diamond.