Lyre’s takes the trade press by storm

24th September 2019

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Imagine having the ability to create any of your favourite cocktails in non-alcoholic format. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now, it’s possible with the Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, the latest range in our no/low portfolio we were thrilled to launch in July.

According to the latest British Lifestyles report by Mintel, 20% of UK adults don’t drink and of those that do drink, 47% have cut back. To meet this demand, there’s been several botanical gin replacements appearing in the trade. However, Lyre’s brings something far more diverse and exciting.

There’s nothing convoluted about the range, just an incredible 13 spirits and liqueurs in everyone’s favourite flavour. Gin, Whisky, Rum, Campari, Dry and Sweet Vermouth, Absinthe, Triple Sec, Amaretto and Coffee Liqueur, with more on the way.

When we went to the trade press, we knew they would be in awe of the flavours, beautiful branding, and in-depth distillation process. We were right! Here’s a few of the pieces we secured:

Harper’s Wine & Spirit




Inside Drinks

The Drinks Business

Casual Dining

Pub & Bar

Plus, extensive print pieces in The Grocer, Harper’s Wine & Spirit and Pub & Bar amongst others.

Read more about the Lyre’s launch here

Or check out their website